Employee Benefits

The university offers a comprehensive benefits package that represents a significant component of George Fox employees' total compensation. Most benefits are available to all regular employees, half time and above; however, benefits are prorated for employees who work less than full time.

Benefits at a Glance



Tuition Remission Applications Now Being Accepted 

2016-17 Application Deadline: January 5, 2016

In order to better coordinate financial aid communications with tuition remission benefits, the due date for the 2016-17 tuition remission applications will be January 5th. See the tuition remission section (top of the page) of the Benefits, Forms & Resources for instructions and applications. 
Note: The 2017-18 applications will likely be due in September of 2016.

Sick Leave Expanded January 2016

George Fox University’s new sick leave policy provides employees and some students (non-work study) with paid sick time to use when the employee or an immediate family member is sick, injured, or needs preventative health care.

Employees currently earning paid sick leave and work-study hours are not affected by this change. Employees not previously earning paid sick leave will earn one hour of leave for every thirty hours worked. Quarterly statements will be provided and timecards will be modified to allow for reporting the use of sick time. Regular faculty will now be asked to submit a time-off report when sick time is used, but there is no change to the amount of leave earned (4 weeks per year, without accrual or rollover).

Here are some of the details:

  • accrual rate is 1 hour for every 30 hours worked,
  • accrual will be on a monthly basis to a maximum accrual of 80 hours,
  • accrued amounts are available for use after 90 days of employment,
  • a maximum of 40 hours can be taken in a year,
  • accrued sick time will roll over from year to year, 
  • there is no cash or pay-out of accrued sick leave, and
  • Faculty sick time year begins 8/1, so Adjunct Faculty will have a partial year and the rollover date for the new year will be 8/1/16.

Human Resources has published a notice outlining the changes (2016 Oregon Sick Pay Notice) and will offer in-person information sessions about the new sick leave policy in February. 

If you need assistance or would like to request a paper copy of any of the notices, please feel free to contact Darby Thiessen at 503-554-2188 or dthiessen@georgefox.edu.

Medical Insurance Expanded January 2016

George Fox University’s eligibility for medical coverage is expanded to include employees and some students (non-work study) who worked an average of 30 hours per week in 2015.

Employees currently with eligibility for medical coverage and work-study students are not affected by this change.

Employees not previously eligible for benefits, but who work full-time, as defined by the Affordable Care Act, will be eligible for coverage beginning March of 2016.

Here are some of the eligibility details:

  • Must work longer than 6 months,
  • Must work an average of 30 hour per week from 1/1/2015-12/31/2015,
  • Must still be employed as of 3/1/2016, and
  • Must complete and return medical enrollment forms prior to 3/31/2016.

Human Resources will notify employees who are newly eligible with information about the medical coverage options, cost, and how to enroll.  

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact Darby Thiessen at 503-554-2188 or dthiessen@georgefox.edu.