Vehicle Registration

All vehicles brought to George Fox University or neighborhood as outlined on campus map, whether owned by employees, students, or the university, must be registered with Security Services. Employees and students must register within one week of campus activity. Students need to register on MyGFU by the Add/Drop date (September 11 for fall 2015) of each semester.

Unregistered vehicles found after the Add/Drop date will be cited for a non-registered vehicle. Multiple non-registered violations will incur a graduated fine of up to $200. A vehicle found with three tickets for non-registration will be immobilized. See the booting policy at the bottom of the page. 

Vehicle registration process: Registration is available online through MyGFU. Parking permits will be delivered to your address specified during registration. 

Parking permit placement: All student permits should be fully affixed to the rear of the vehicle (rear window or bumper) so that they can be clearly seen from the rear of the vehicle. Do not place a new permit on top of an old permit as it will not adhere properly! Vehicles displaying permits taped inside the vehicle or in any other way, or permits unable to be clearly seen from the rear of the vehicle are considered to be improperly displayed and will be ticketed as such. Staff hangtag permits and Neighborhood Permits  should be hung from the rearview mirror.

How to register a car on MyGFU

GO to MyGFU, GFU Resources has a link at Vehicle registration. Click Vehicle Registration and have your vehicle registration information from the DMV so you can have all required information.