Housing Information

All incoming students must fill out a housing intent form. This helps us know your needs for next year whether on-campus or not. If you are planning to commute from your parents’ home you will also need to fill out the form Application to Commute from Parents Homehttp://www.georgefox.edu/template/global/images/misc/icon-pdf.png.

To get to the housing intent form:

  • Log into MyGFU
  • The housing intent form should appear in the list of forms.
  • Once you have submitted the form, you may go back and edit your responses if you need to.

If you have already completed the form, you may still access it. Any responses you have entered should show up when you view the form.

If you are unsure of your login or password to MyGFU, contact the Service Desk by calling 503-554-2569 or emailing servicedesk@georgefox.edu.

Housing Assignment Timeline

The priority given to incoming student placements is based off of the date George Fox receives their enrollment deposit and they fill out the housing intent form. If we receive your housing intent form and deposit by May 1, then you should receive your housing assignment in late June. After May 1 housing assignments will be made on a rolling basis, as space is available. If you submit either your housing form or enrollment deposit after July 31, you may not receive a housing assignment until you arrive on campus for orientation.

Once you have received a housing assignment, you may view your building, room number and roommate contact information in MyGFU.

  • Login to MyGFU
  • Click on “Housing” in the menu on the left
  • Click on “Assign” in the housing menu
  • Finally, click on “Roommate View"
  • If you see a message that says “No matching values were found” then you have not been placed in housing yet.

Eligibility to Live On-Campus

To live in campus housing, students must be at least 17 and no older than 22 years of age on the first day of the semester. Students younger than 17, or 23 and older, will automatically be listed as off-campus unless they have successfully petitioned residence life to live on campus. Contact housing@georgefox.edu for more information about how to petition.

Selecting a Specific Roommate

If you wish to room with a specific person, be sure your preferred roommate has listed you on his/her housing intent form as well. We cannot accommodate roommate requests without written requests from both roommates. 

Married Student Housing

We currently do not have on-campus housing available for married students, families or students with children.

Requesting an Accommodation

If a student needs to request a housing accommodation for medical or disability reasons, they should complete a Housing Accommodation Request. Requests should be submitted to Student Life by May 1 in order to be evaluated prior to new student placement. For more information visit our Housing Accommodation page. (link to new page)

Living Off Campus

Students who are eligible to live off campus should indicate this on their online housing form. Please refer to the Living Off Campus page for additional details and eligibility requirements. 

Do you need more assistance? Email housing@georgefox.edu.