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The Cost of Higher Education
Many of you may wonder why higher education costs so much. President Robin Baker recently tackled that hot topic in a campus discussion. He said there are many factors including:

  • the labor-intensive nature of education
  • the absence of government support for private Christian higher education
  • the rising expectations of today's students,
  • the increasing costs of health care, technology, and salaries.

However, he said there were three points he wanted to make:

  1. Most undergraduate students don't pay sticker price.
    About 95 percent of our traditional undergraduates receive financial aid. There is never as much money available as we would like to give, but we are committed to making a George Fox education affordable to every qualified student. In fact, this year we awarded $30 million in financial aid to students.
  2. A college education is an important financial and personal investment.
    On average, the income of a college graduate is 60 percent higher than of a high school graduate. That can mean $1 million more in lifetime income for a college graduate. Postgraduate programs can translate into even higher returns. But the educational experience at George Fox University provides more than future financial incentives. Even more importantly…
  3. We are helping students understand what it means to follow Christ.
    We have something special here. Our students benefit from the high quality of education they receive from our faculty and staff, people who are both highly qualified and who care about our students' well-being. Our students receive an education that goes beyond the subject matter. We intentionally integrate our Christian faith into our courses and our relationships. Our students receive an education that empowers them to discover their "calling" in Christ. We are primarily concerned with developing students who will seek to follow Jesus and bring the Kingdom values to a world that desperately needs them.


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