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Graduate School as an Option:
The Nuts and Bolts of Graduate School Application

Is your student pondering graduate school as the next step? Are you feeling that you have limited resources to help them in this process? Graduate school application can be a daunting experience, and with the economic recession schools are inundated with an increasing number of applications each year. As a parent, you likely want to assist your student in not only applying to graduate school, but also in deciding if this is the best option for them. There are many factors to consider in answering both of these questions. 
1.  Is a graduate degree needed to enhance your student’s hopes and dreams?
2.  Will he or she be satisfied with the projected salary of the anticipated degree status?
3.  Does he or she have a desire for continuing education?
4.  Does he or she have the stamina to continue on in school?
5.  How will your student plan to fund his or her graduate education?
These are some of the thoughts you and your student should be considering as you make this decision.  Although there is not space to answer each of these questions in detail, it is important to know where to find the resources. Career Services at George Fox is prepared and excited to give you and your student direction. 

  1. Please feel free to visit our office or click this link for more information.
  2. The campus hosts an annual graduate school emphasis week (Oct. 18-22) that includes a workshop that addresses the basic steps in the application process. This week is aimed at students who are considering graduate school within the next two years. 
  3. Career Services hosts a Pizza Chat in March to reach sophomores and juniors who missed the fall week of events.
  4. The Career Services staff is here to meet with students individually who need more direction, including practice interviewing, essay or vitae review, as well as advice on specific questions.  

Although the notion of the graduate school application process can appear daunting, it is also very manageable given the right resources and support. If your student is leaning toward application in the near future, there are steps that can be completed ahead of time to create a less stressful and improved overall experience. Just remember, most universities will require a specific application form from the program with all parts completed accurately, as well as college transcripts, GRE or other standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement and/or admissions essay(s).

Career Services is here to assist your student in improving his or her application and to streamline the application process. Please feel free to stop by our office during our 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. business hours, Monday through Friday, or contact us at or 503-554-2330.

Chloe Elizabeth Lee-Zorn, MA
George Fox University Career Services