From Student Financial Services:

November marks the unofficial beginning of what we refer to in Student Financial Services as “Scholarship Season.”  Typically opportunities to secure external funding for college expenses run between November until late May or early June. 

The Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC) hosts a scholarship drive website at  The website is already open for business and closes March 1, 2011.  This year there are over 400 scholarships for Oregon residents who will be attending Oregon schools.  We encourage you to have your student take a look.  For the 2010-11 year, 61 GFU students have secured scholarships through OSAC totaling $132,476.

Two free national scholarship search websites are  We, in Student Financial Services have seen students be successful in their attempts to win scholarships through these web sites.

Traditional students who will be returning for the 2011-12 year will be eligible to apply for departmental scholarships sometime in December.  Please keep an eye out for various university announcements for this application.  It should also be visible through the student’s MYGFU site.

Recently we’ve had several calls regarding the GPA retention requirements for specific merit scholarships.  Students who started in the Fall of 2010 and have awards from Scholarship Competition do have GPA requirements to maintain their awards, but students with merit awards that were awarded on Admission: like Presidential, Duke, and Stevens, must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) to maintain those awards.   A full explanation of SAP can be found at:

If you have a student graduating in December or taking a leave of absence, it is important to remind them to stop by Student Financial Services to learn about Exit Loan Counseling.   These sessions are required for all loan recipients when they borrow any federal student loan.   Some students may need two different counseling sessions if they have received funding both in the Federal Stafford loan and the Federal Perkins loan while attending GFU.

Student Financial Services is here to assist families with any and all questions you may have about college funding.   Please use the following email to contact your Financial Aid Counselor:

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