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Nancy Almquist

A Unique Identity
By Nancy Almquist - Director of Parent Relations

As many of you know, I am the parent of twins. My identical sons are students at George Fox. Mark and Tim (they did give me permission to share their names, for those of you who were here for family orientation this fall) are very much alike. People often ask me how I tell them apart. Growing up on the ball field, Mark had the blonde baseball glove, and Tim, the black one. When their hair is short, it’s pretty easy to tell who they are from the back, as their hair grows differently. And the last I saw them; one had facial hair, and the other clean shaven. These are distinctives that can quickly change. More...

Winslow Thurston

Face to Face... Family Weekend
By Winslow Thurston - Chair of the Parent Council

Parenting is often like trying to hit a moving target. Just about the time you have toddlers figured out, your child is entering Middle School. When you have finally decided if your daughter can date when she is in High School, she is almost done with college. Somewhere along the way we figure out that parenting isn’t so much about what we know but who we know. It isn’t about mastering steps or formulas but about knowing our children. More...

Mark Pothoff

Your Student in the Making
By Mark Pothoff - Dean of Community Life

Life is made up of decisions. We all make choices each day, whether good or bad.Decisions from the mundane, such as whether we will brush our teeth before we head out the door…to the significant, such as making a lifelong covenant of marriage. The reason your son or daughter is attending George Fox University is in part (hopefully a significant part) preparation for a purposeful direction in their lives. They are deciding what their major will be, what they really believe, what kind of career path they will take, who their friends will be, what activities they will be involved in, possibly whom they will marry, and countless others. At George Fox, our desire is to challenge and support students to make decisions from a Christ-honoring perspective. More...

Bonnie Jerke

Graduate School or Not? That is the Question
By Bonnie Jerke - Director of Career Services

Is going to graduate school a fix for a poor economy or is it a well-made decision? If your student is considering going to graduate school, it is very important for them to consider all aspects surrounding that possibility. As a fall back to not finding a good job, going to graduate school could result in a less than satisfactory experience especially since the cost is high and the outcomes may not be as anticipated. Have you heard of the lawyer who after grad school confessed he didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore? There are other stories like this that one does not want to emulate. On the other hand, going to graduate school as a well-thought out decision can be significantly rewarding in terms of career outcomes. More...


Family Weekend – November 4-6 - REGISTRATION OPEN

George Fox University's Family Weekend is November 4-6, 2011. This is always a wonderful weekend to make fun family memories and enjoy life on the George Fox University campus. Events include concerts, family meals, theatre, faculty lectures, shopping to support student scholarships, and a good old-fashioned family Bingo night! For complete schedule and event information, and to register online beginning September 26th, go to


Mid-Semester Holiday – No Classes, Offices Closed
October 14
Quaker Heritage Week
October 17-21
Cultural Celebration Week
October 24-28
Family Weekend
November 4-6
Thanksgiving Holiday – Living areas remain open
November 27-28


The Book of Acts

October 17- Wess Daniels, Pastor of Camas Friends Church
October 24 - Jamie Johnson, Director of FriendsLeadership

Tuesday Evenings

October 4, 11,18, and 25th


October 12- Global Issues Forum
October 19– Becky Ankeny, NWYM Superintendent Elect
October 26 – Culture Celebration Focus

Greenroom & Contemplative Worship

October 7, 14, 21 and 28

Chapels are held from 10:40 to 11:30 a.m. in Bauman Auditorium.
Chapel and other programs can be found online in MP3 and video format.

To view a complete chapel schedule, visit the Office of Spiritual Life’s website and click on Spiritual Life Calendar.


Where to Stay

Where should you stay in Newberg while visiting the George Fox campus for Family Weekend and other events? Check out the list of recommended local hotels and bed and breakfast establishments, some of whom offer discounts to George Fox families.

FallSports Calendars

Wallet-sized fall season sports calendars are available and can be sent to you in the mail. To receive your copy, contact Nancy Almquist at or 503.554.2114.

The Student Support Network

The Student Support Network (SSN) provides practical and intentional support for students who are struggling academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, or personally. If you would like to refer a student to the SSN please fill out the Intervention Alert Form found at If you have further questions or concerns please see the contact information on the SSN home page.

Send your student a care package
Bon Appetit Management Company provides food service at George Fox University. It also offers a wonderful selection of special packages for your student to honor birthdays, holidays, study breaks, or just to send a special hug from home. To find out more, click here.

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