Excellence In Training

The George Fox PsyD program received a highly favorable review by the APA during the program’s last reaccreditation visit. A seven-year reaccreditation period was awarded, the longest interval allowed. The diagram below provides an overview of our integrated five-year program.

The George Fox PsyD is a five-year integrated program

Program Distinctions

  • Accredited by the American Psychological Association
  • 100 percent of recent eligible students have been placed at internship sites nationally, more than 85 percent in accredited and/or approved sites.
  • 94 percent of program graduates are employed as psychologists and are licensed or working toward licensure.
  • Approximately 30 percent of recently enrolled students present at professional meetings or publish in professional journals before graduation.
  • The program's training receives consistently high ratings by external practicum and internship site supervisors.
  • When asked to use a 7-point scale (7=high) to rank the accuracy of the statement, "Compared to other interns at my internship site, I received good training," our PsyD grads gave an average ranking of 6.1
  • The program is an active member of the National Association of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP)

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