BS in Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Explained

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Students who complete the George Fox engineering program earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering (BSE). The degree requires that engineering students complete the general education component, an engineering core, and either a biomedical, civil, computer, electrical, or mechanical concentration. Concentration-specific courses generally begin in the second year.

The first stated goal in the program's mission statement is George Fox engineers will be technically competent. The BSE's multiple concentrations allow students to become technically competent in their chosen field of interest. Our engineering students are ideally prepared for immediate entry into the workforce or graduate school, and our graduates have successfully pursued both of these options.

The second goal in the mission statement is George Fox engineers will have a broad education. The BSE allows students who will be specializing in civil, computer, electrical, or mechanical engineering to take the same core engineering courses plus math and science in the freshman year. Additionally, the program brings students together from the different concentrations for intensive design projects in both the junior and senior years. This, along with an extensive liberal arts package, gives our engineers a broad education. For some, this is an invaluable benefit of the BSE.

The third element of our mission statement is that George Fox students will understand responsible service from a Christian worldview. As one step towards the fulfillment of this, the engineering faculty are currently assigning an influential Christian writing to be read and reflected upon each semester by all engineering faculty and students throughout the term. This exercise is being treated as an official component of every engineering course. The curriculum also includes a two-semester course sequence in Servant Engineering.  The BSE allows us to incorporate such non-engineering components that are consistent with the University's broader mission.