Computer Concentration

Embedded system

Computer engineers are trained in the fundamentals of electrical engineering and computer science. With these skills, they are prepared to work in many aspects of computing, including designing microprocessors, supercomputers, embedded systems, and personal computers and their peripherals. Computer engineering graduates find themselves uniquely prepared to design solutions for a wide variety of applications, including communications, controls, avionics, graphics processing, and robotics.

Class Projects

The following are computer engineering type projects that students have completed:

  • State machine programming of an autonomous robot
  • Implementing PONG on an FPGA
  • MP3 and WAV player with SD card reader
  • VGA and OLED display controller board
  • Weather station board, recording temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity
Microcontroller board project Weather station board layout

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External Links

ACM - Association for Computing Machinery

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