Mechanical Concentration

Offshore wind power

Mechanical Engineering is concerned with machinery, thermal power, product manufacturing, and production methods. Mechanical engineers are involved with the design and development of equipment and processes for all sectors of society, including renewable and alternative energy systems, propulsion systems, materials handling, industrial robots, as well as artificial organs and limbs. Specialty areas include energy conversion, solid mechanics, dynamic systems, and manufacturing processes.

Class Projects

The mechanical engineering projects have included the following:

  • Compressed air engine design and machining
  • Mechanical failure analysis and redesign
  • Reciprocating air compressor
  • Wind turbine blade optimization
  • Eccentric Venturi flow meter analysis
  • Campus energy study and carbon footprint assessment

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Experimentation in process

External Links

ASME - The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers - Tools and basic information for design, engineering and construction of technical applications

Alumni Spotlight
A senior design project conceived in George Fox’s engineering labs opened the door for grads Ruben Lucescu and Alex Bush to get jobs – and continues to save Daimler Trucks North America thousands annually.