Life Learning Credit

ASPD 215 Personal and Professional Assessment (3 semester credits)

Adult Degree Program students Personal and Professional Assessment (PPA) is regarded as one of the most popular and beneficial classes students take within the Adult Degree Program. This class offers two specific outcomes:

  1. Students will develop writing strategies to promote analytical thinking and effective communication. Course content includes the development of lifelong learning skills, APA writing style, grammar and editing, and enhancement of already established writing abilities.
  2. Students will develop the needed writing skills to articulate their personal and professional learning for submission through the prior learning assessment process.

The PPA course applies 3 semester credits to either the Communications or Electives categories. Essays, reading, and in-class assignments are graded class components within this course.

Within the Personal and Professional Assessment class, you will write 3 essays according to a pre-formatted structure that enables you to analyze significant life experiences and synthesize learning outcomes associated with that experience. Outcomes must equate to college-level learning.

These essays may be submitted for evaluation through the prior-learning assessment and can earn elective credit. Additionally students can earn elective credits through the evaluation of professional training, licenses, and certificates. 30 credits of electives can be earned without charge through the prior-learning assessment process after completing the PPA course.

What is considered 'Life Learning Credit'?

Life learning credit, or "prior-learning credit," is credit earned when a student demonstrates learning he or she has gained outside a traditional college classroom but equates to learning objectives found in typical college classes. Since prior-learning credit is nontraditional, evaluation has to be done carefully to ensure that it meets George Fox University’s standards for academic quality and rigor.