Student Perspectives

Not all ADP programs are created equal ...

Ninety-five percent of our adult degree program graduates rated their George Fox experience as "good" or "excellent."*

* 2012 ADP Alumni Survey (300 Respondents)

What our students are saying ...

"Excellent experience all the way from the first meeting with a counselor to graduation. Unbeatable educational support. This was far above and beyond the normal adult degree struggle."

"The satellite campus is convenient to those who live in the Portland and Vancouver areas. The flexibility of being able to take classes online as well as intensives made all the difference for me. The round-the-clock support from educators is unmatched, and they really really care about you."

Shaun Davis

When a fire destroyed Shaun Davis' family home, faculty, staff and fellow students from her ADP cohort rallied around her on a personal and spiritual level that paved the way for her success.

Jacob Wood Jacob Wood
Student, Management and Organizational Leadership Program (anticipated December 2017 graduation)

“Online education has afforded me, as a blind person, far more opportunities than I would have had access to otherwise. George Fox is the fourth college I have attended and will be the first I've received a degree from, precisely because I had so many barriers to overcome with transportation, physical books and materials, campus navigation, and an introverted personality. Online courses break down barriers for people who don’t fit the traditional mold.”

Renee Hernandez Renee Hernandez
Bachelor's Degree in Social and Behavioral Studies Program ('13)

"Finishing my degree has given me the opportunity to be promoted within the profession that once helped me overcome adversity in my own life. As a youth services coordinator, I work with young adults as they transition from youth correctional facilities, residential treatment programs and foster homes back into their communities. Obtaining my degree has been a dream come true! It gave me the confidence that I always yearned for."

AmyAnn Edwards AmyAnn Edwards
Bachelor's Degree in Social and Behavioral Studies Program ('13)

“My experience at George Fox was phenomenal – worth every penny. It was a personal, caring, intimate educational experience. The professors are amazing, and all share two things in common: their commitment to Christ and their desire for us to succeed.”

Lori Nguyen ('11) Lori Nguyen ('11)
Founder and CEO, Diamond Group Marketing, Henderson, Nevada

"Earning my bachelor's degree late in life was a great accomplishment, and I am proud to have selected George Fox's online Management and Organizational Leadership program. It fit my lifestyle while I worked full time in corporate marketing. What I learned I am using today, from Finance 101 to Operational Management, in my own companies."

Jim Ferraris ('13) Jim Ferraris ('13)
Deputy Chief of Police in Salem, Oregon, Police Department

“I work in a world of folks who are educated professionals from a variety of disciplines. While I am very experienced in my field and enjoy a great reputation, both locally and nationally, my confidence always lacked because I did not have a formal degree. Now I am more confident in my day-to-day work, when dealing with people and groups and when speaking publicly. Having a degree from George Fox makes me a serious contender to be a police chief, which is a career aspiration of mine.” Read more on the Bruin Blog

Annie Beck (’14) Annie Beck (’14)
Store Operations Manager, Walgreens, Sherwood, Oregon

“As a seasoned management professional seeking to update the tools in my personal and professional toolbox, George Fox’s ADP program allowed me to find my voice, my light and my confidence again after being out of the academic world for over a decade. Along with adding marketable skills to become more ‘relevant’ in today's competitive marketplace, I was also able to shake off the dust and find my untapped resources and abilities that were waiting to be realized through the work and interactions I experienced in my cohort.”

William Stuckey

William Stuckey always wanted to finish his bachelor's degree. Today, he's achieving that goal, both for himself and to inspire his daughter.

Julie Meyers Julie Meyers
Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership Program (’15)

“The online management and organizational leadership program was the perfect foundation for continuing my education. The foundational concepts in organizational development, employee motivation and cultural awareness put me a step ahead in my graduate program where I studied communication and social media. I recently graduated with my master's degree. I was able to get so much more out of my graduate program after having incredible George Fox faculty lead the way during my undergraduate studies.”

Rebecca Bloomfield (’14) Rebecca Bloomfield (’14)
Executive Director of Saint Child, Portland, Oregon

“I really enjoyed my time at George Fox and was amazed at how well it integrated into my work and home life, even when pursuing two programs at the same time. Finishing my degree required significant dedication, but I am so glad I put in the hard work and did it. The sense of accomplishment I have now is wonderful. I was so privileged to be taught by some of the most talented and remarkable professors I have ever encountered.”

Regan Dugger ('10, MBA '14) Regan Dugger ('10, MBA '14)
'10, MBA '14

“George Fox taught me how to bring faith into every aspect of my life. The faculty and staff at the Portland Center brought education to a personal level, making each student feel important, special and valued. I never expected so many people at George Fox to be invested in everyone’s success as a student. ‘Be Known’ isn’t simply a catchy marketing phrase. It’s the way every member of the faculty interacts with the students.”

Mitch Denision (’14) Mitch Denision (’14)
Rework Grinder for Precision Castparts, Portland, Oregon

“The necessity to finish my bachelor’s degree became absolutely apparent after eight years of working various dead-end jobs, taking random college classes and realizing I needed my degree to be competitive with current application pools. The professors were amazing; the support from the school was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The small cohort size helped to amplify learning and you had a chance to get to know your professors and fellow students.”

Mario Juarez Mario Juarez
Bachelor's Degree in Social and Behavioral Studies Program ('14), Masters in Counseling, Sherwood, Oregon

“My degree in social and behavioral studies provided me with methods and skills that led to solid career offers. Indeed, many times I used my textbooks from the program as a reference to help our team at work with guidance.”

Ziva Robinson ('15) Ziva Robinson ('15)
IT Engineer, Trillium Family Services, Portland, Oregon

Enrolling at George Fox was the best decision I have ever made. I am learning so much, and my instructors respect me. I appreciate the Christian perspective and enjoy the support of my fellow students and instructors. I feel as if I really do mean something to the staff at the university, and that is something you really can't put a price on.