Honored Alumni Awards

The George Fox University Alumni Association annually presents up to six Honored Alumni Awards to alumni who have distinguished themselves after graduating from the university.

Nomination Criteria & Process

  1. All nominees must be graduates from a George Fox University program. This includes those graduates from the former Western Evangelical Seminary, George Fox College and Pacific College.
  2. All nominees should reflect the ideals of George Fox University in their commitment to their profession, church, community and university.
  3. All nominees should have demonstrated support for and sympathy with the mission, goals and purpose of George Fox University.
  4. All nominations must include rationale for the nomination for review by the Alumni Board. If no information is provided by the nominee, the nomination will be removed from consideration.
  5. Alumni who have been previously nominated but were not selected to receive an Honored Alumni Award may be nominated again at any time.
  6. Nominations will remain valid for a period of two years. If the nominee has not been selected after two years, alumni relations will provide the nominee with an opportunity to update their biographic materials. If the nominee does provide an update, the nomination will remain in consideration for an additional two years. If at the end of this second period, the nominee still has not been selected to receive the award, their nomination will be removed from consideration.
  7. Nominations must be submitted by the end of March.
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