– Hometown: Oregon City, Oregon⁠
– Dream Job: Elementary school teacher⁠
– Fun Fact: I am insanely afraid of worms. ⁠

Q: Why lacrosse? ⁠

A: I started playing lacrosse in middle school when a soccer teammate told me I should try it with her. I love it because it is such a fast-paced sport and I feel like there are always new things to learn. Lacrosse is just beginning to grow on the West Coast and I love to be a part of something new and challenging. I also love it because of how fun yet hard working my teammates and coaches are. ⁠

Q: How have you felt known at George Fox?⁠

A: I have felt known in many ways within the George Fox community, including my coaches, teammates, professors, work staff and club members. My teammates without a doubt have my back in any situation. My coaches have spent so many hours investing in me and all of my teammates’ lives. They always clarify that they care more about us as people than athletes. This means checking in on our struggles both on and off the field as well as celebrating our successes.⁠

Q: How have you grown in your faith during your time here?⁠

A: George Fox has given me so many opportunities to grow in my faith. Coming into GFU I was already a believer, but I had no idea how much I would grow from being challenged by those around me. My teammates have helped me grow through team Bible studies and open and honest conversations as well as times of worship. My coaches are wonderful role models of how to live in the athletics world while always staying true to who they are in Christ. This looks like team prayer, devotions and consistently pointing us back to the character of Christ.⁠

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