What a blessing it is to serve! This summer a group of nine George Fox Doctor of Physical Therapy students and three faculty/alumni leaders traveled to Uganda, treating hundreds with injuries and disabilities.

It’s the sixth year the DPT team has made this trip and the results have been life-changing: Children who were once wheelchair-bound can now walk. Adults with painful injuries from years of hard work receive relief. And the George Fox students who take part in this experience grow exponentially as clinicians and service-minded leaders. 

In the cover photo Jaymee shares a laugh with Samaia at a home for children with disabilities. Samaia loves to get out of her wheelchair and walk – a huge benefit to her overall health and happiness.

Attending to leg

Rachel works with a patient suffering from a long-term injury. In all, DPT students worked with more than 400 villagers to assess injuries and develop custom treatment programs. 

PT in house

Kevin and Zach asses Gladys’ mobility and pain. Gladys is a house mother at the home for children with disabilities, working there year-round to promote physical fitness and independence.

Raising arms outside

Rachel works with another patient on stretching. The work the villagers do here is hard and repetitive. Often, pain can be reduced by simply moving in ways that are different than they are used to. 

Streaching outide

Edward leads a class for people with back pain and limited mobility. 

Group photo

A group photo with George Fox DPT students and their new friends.

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