– Hometown: Hudson, Ohio
– Dream job: Power duo of teaching art and working as a freelance illustrator.
– Fun fact: When I was little I lived in England for three years and had a perfect little British accent!

Q: Why did you choose to major in illustration and English? 

A: I honestly just chose my majors based off of the two things I really enjoyed: reading and making art. If I’ve learned anything in my four years here, it’s that majoring in something you’re passionate about makes life so much more fun.

Q: How have you felt known at George Fox?

A: At Fox, I’ve really felt known through my experience in both the art and English departments. I know for a fact that my professors are rooting for me, and that I have classmates I can rely on. I love the tight-knit community that I’ve gotten to be a part of!

Q: How have you grown in your faith while at George Fox?

A: During my time at George Fox, I’ve really enjoyed getting to take a deeper dive into studying the Bible, and critically examine what it actually says (special shoutout to Paul Anderson and his class, The Writings of John). I’ve also loved learning more about my Quaker roots!

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