What can you do with a computer science degree from George Fox? Senior Lilie de la Motte got a job offer from Nike months before graduation! She’ll work as a software engineer, doing front-end development on Nike.com. 

“I am really excited!” she says. “I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.”

Lilie’s success didn’t come by accident – there was a lot of hard work and planning. During her freshmen year, she connected with the university’s IDEA Center to create a 4:3 Plan. 

“A 4:3 plan is essentially a document to help map out the four school years and three summers each student goes through,” she explains. “This meeting helped me plan ahead so that I was always prepared for the next stage of my academic and professional career. I still refer to the document regularly!”

Last summer, that planning paid off with an internship at Nike. 

“At Nike, a summer internship is essentially a 12-week-long interview for a full-time position post-graduation,” she says. “During my time there, I made sure to be the first person on my team to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening.”

Her close connection with George Fox professors also helped prepare Lilie for success. “Each professor in the computer science department knows me by name and they are always encouraging me to come to their office hours to pepper them with homework questions,” she says. “Office hours have been a vital part of my learning experience here and I’m grateful for professors that take the time to help students learn both inside and outside the classroom setting.”

Congratulations, Lilie! We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next! 

Students, connect with the IDEA Center to create your own 4:3 Plan. 

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