“Was that due today?” is a question of the past. Today, there’s more depth to professor-student interaction, especially at George Fox, where professors want to get to know you beyond the typical classroom small talk. So don’t be shy – ask away!

#1 What are the qualities of a successful student in your class?

Start off your academic endeavors with a thoughtful question. It immediately shows your professor that you’re ready and excited to learn.

#2 What's your teaching style?

Every professor has their own unique way of teaching. Learning how your professor teaches will help you know what to expect and how you can prepare for their class.

#3 How have previous student studied for your exams?

If you’re nervous about exams, professors are happy to share all the best study tips and tricks they’ve developed throughout their careers.

#4 What campus clubs or activities do you recommend?

Who knows the campus like the back of their hand? Professors. They’ll probably have a few fun ideas right off the bat.

#5 What was one thing you struggled with in college?

Professors can seem like indestructible beings of knowledge and wisdom, but every professor was once a student just like you. Asking about their college experience can be insightful and encouraging.

#6 What do you think every student should experience in college?

You’ll get a wide variety of suggestions, from studying abroad to opportunities to serve in the community and everything in between.

#7 What's one of your favorite memories from your student days?

Hearing others recall their favorite memories reminds us to cherish the time we have to make them. Plus, you’ll get to see your professors in a whole new light.

#8 What other courses would you recommend?

If you’ve fallen head over heels for a subject, your professor can certainly recommend other classes that might interest you.

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