Senior, Olivia, shares the best parts of living on campus!

We recently shared the five reasons you should live on campus after sophomore year. We wanted to hear from students like you, so we asked Olivia Nygreen, a George Fox senior, a few questions abour her experience with campus housing.

Q: Why did you choose to live on campus your senior year?

A: I chose to keep living on campus so that I could be around my cross country teammates and friends. I wanted to be someone who was around and provide an open space if anyone needed anything or wanted to chat. As I've thought about living off campus for my last year of college, I'm glad I stuck around. I’ve met a lot of people over the last few months, and providing a space to hang out in my house has been a blessing.

Q: What is your favorite part about living on campus?

A: My favorite part of living on campus is having people over to hang out. I enjoy having our game nights and group dinners together. We recently just had a small gathering of watching the Super Bowl and provided lots of snacks. If I had to choose one gathering that was my favorite, I would have to say my 22nd birthday and our “Friendsgiving” meal.


Q: How has living on campus benefited you?

A: Living on campus has given me a sense of community. Not only does it provide opportunities to be with others, you're also able to learn and figure out how to live on your own when sharing a space. It's been a wonderful experience, and I'm glad that I lived on campus all four years of my college career.

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