Students are required to register for classes and be enrolled prior to attendance. All students are expected to register online, within the time period designated on the university calendar, and to begin classes on the first day. In addition, each student should be aware of the regulations that appear under Course Numbering System.

Adding/Dropping Classes

For traditional undergraduate students, adding a class during the second week of the semester requires the consent of the instructor. A registration change fee will be assessed for all class drops made in the second week of the semester.

The last day to add or drop courses is established on the university calendar but is generally the end of the second week of the semester (a different period exists for classes meeting less than the entire semester).

Responsibility for Schedule Changes

Students are responsible for monitoring their academic record, including verification of registration (adding or removing of any courses as appropriate) at the start of each semester. Any registration change not processed in a timely manner during the add/drop period will necessitate approval through the academic petition process which requires that extenuating circumstances be established for approval.

In addition, any petitions to add or remove academic credit must be submitted within one calendar year following the last day of the semester in question or the petition will not be considered.

Withdrawal from Courses

A student wishing to withdraw from a course must complete the “drop classes” action available in the Manage Classes section in MyGeorgeFox. Without submission of the request, a failing grade will be recorded for all courses involved. Withdrawal from a course is available following the add/drop period and prior to the “last date to withdraw” from the course. The “last date to withdraw” is at the end of the 10th week of the semester (or 10/16ths of the class session for partial term courses).

Withdrawn classes will receive a transcript record of “W,” which does not calculate in a student’s grade point average. Failure to withdraw from a course prior to the last date to withdraw will result in a failing grade or posting of “earned grade” by the course instructor.

Late withdrawal from a course (after the “last date to withdraw”) is available from the end of the withdraw period through the last day of the semester or session by contacting the registrar’s office. This results in a grade of “WF,” which calculates as an “F” (0.00 grade points) in a student’s grade point average, but does indicate that the student attempted to withdraw prior to the last day of the semester or session.