Waitlisting Policy

Waitlisting for Classes

Students may be waitlisted for a course that has reached maximum enrollment. Not all courses allow waitlists, at the discretion of the academic department or the registrar's office. Waitlisted hours do not count toward the minimum credit hours required for full-time enrollment.

  1. Students may waitlist for courses until the end of the first week of classes.
  2. The registrar's office will consistently fill available spaces in classes from waitlists. Students will be notified of their subsequent enrollment in a course via email. It is the student's responsibility to monitor their class schedule through MyGeorgeFox.
  3. Waitlisted students will receive enrollment priority based on the order in which they waitlist for the course. If the first student on the waitlist has a hold that prevents registration, the next student on the waitlist will be enrolled instead. The student with the hold will remain first on the waitlist. Instructors may review waitlists and request that certain students receive special priority due to extenuating circumstances (course required for graduation, course required for major, etc.)
  4. If a department chairperson wishes to increase the maximum enrollment for a course in order to accommodate some or all of the students on a waitlist they may contact the registrar's office via email with the request.
  5. Students will be enrolled in classes for which they are waitlisted even if the class creates a schedule conflict or the additional credit hours put the student over the tuition block maximum of 18 credit hours. The student must resolve resulting conflicts by making any necessary changes to their schedule in MyGeorgeFox.
  6. Students who are waitlisted for a class may not attend the class until they are officially enrolled.
  7. Waitlists will be eliminated at the end of the first week of the semester, with the exception of Juniors Abroad waitlists.