Degree/Certificate Conferral

Following the completion of all program requirements as stated in the university catalog, the university will confer on the student the appropriate degree or certificate. A degree/certificate can be conferred as early as, but not prior to, the end date listed on the final course(s) if all grades are entered by that date.

Conferral typically occurs within six to eight weeks of the final grade entry deadline (assuming no outstanding grades or incomplete program requirements). No student is eligible to receive a diploma or transcripts until all bills with the university are paid in full.

Expedited Degree Conferral

George Fox recognizes that the standard timeframe for processing degree conferral is problematic for the needs of some students. Therefore, we do allow students to request that the conferral of their degree be expedited. The process requires students to contact professors to request grade entry prior to normal deadline (two weeks after end of semester). Students must then notify the registrar’s office once all final grades have been posted.

Conferral will be processed within one business day after notification of final grade posting (rather than the standard six to eight weeks). An additional fee is required to expedite the degree conferral process.