Student Name

George Fox requires students to use their legal names in university data systems. This ensures that enrollment verifications, transcripts and diplomas all reflect the legal name for each student.

Diploma Name

A student’s diploma name does not need to match their primary/legal name. A student can choose any alternate or preferred name as their name to be printed on their diploma. Some examples of alternate names include but not limited to:

However, students requesting a notarized diploma who plan to use their diploma as a legal document for international employment purposes will need to include a version of their legal name (first and last) on the diploma. If a student needs a new diploma with their legal name to be notarized, they will need to order a replacement diploma. Standard fees will apply.

Preferred Name for University Communications

The university does encourage the use of a preferred first name (a.k.a., nickname) so we can better personalize our communication. Students can update preferred names in MyGeorgeFox.

ID Card Name

The student ID card is considered an official document and, as such, must display the student's legal name. Therefore, the use of a preferred first name (a.k.a., nickname) on a student's ID card is not possible.

Name Changes

We recognize that, occasionally, it is necessary to change one's legal name. Students can request a name change through the registrar's office. George Fox University requires that a student present a Social Security card displaying the new name to the staff in the registrar's office. Upon verification, staff will update a student's name in the data system for use throughout the university.