We are pleased to offer the George Fox University Art and Design Scholarship to highly motivated students who are gifted in art and design.

We seek applicants who will develop into professionals of strong character, maturity, and Christian commitment, with a vision to provide leadership in design endeavors in the world at large. Scholarships will be granted according to the following criteria:

When you are invited to compete at Scholarship Competition, you will need to submit the following materials via mail no later than March 5 to:

Professor Jillian Sokso, George Fox University

414 North Meridian Street #6013, Newberg, Oregon, 97132

Items to Submit Prior to Scholarship Competition

In the design program, our mission at George Fox University is to prepare technically competent and broadly educated artists and designers for a life of responsible stewardship emerging from a Christian worldview.

As a student in the George Fox University design program, describe in 600 words or less how you intend to: (1) accomplish this mission personally, and (2) provide leadership to peers in the fulfillment of this mission. (3) Use concrete examples from your past experiences adding anything that you feel is important.

All artwork will be judged on the basis of digital images in a powerpoint presentation that we will prepare from the application portfolio we receive. Each image must be labeled with the artist’s name, title of artwork, medium, and size (height and width). USB (flash) drive must be clearly labeled with student's name. Applicant may bring physical portfolio to the interview, but the digital images must be mailed by the submission date noted above. Applicants with fabricated fashion designs should bring at least one sample of completed work for review of craftsmanship not readily visible in a photograph. 

Please note that some Art/Design interviews may take place outside of the allotted time frame for academic scholarships on the Scholarship Competition schedule. If your interview is scheduled outside the allotted time, the Art Dept. will communicate that with you ahead of time.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Jillian Sokso at jsokso@georgefox.edu