Students will be invited to demonstrate their interest in and promise for study in the College of Christian Studies through reading a short text and participating in a group discussion moderated by our professors. At the time of the scholarship event, each student will receive a text (perhaps a few paragraphs long) and will be given time to read and comment upon that text in the group. After the group discussion, students may be asked to reflect in writing their thoughts on the discussion or on the text in general. Student responses in the group setting (orally) as well as in writing (on the text handout itself or though other writing activities that may be administered) should demonstrate excellent analytical skills, attention to detail - both literary detail and in their interaction with fellow students - as well as collegiality, thoughtfulness, and careful listening to others in the discussion.

Note: If you have a documented physical or learning disability and need to make accommodations to participate or if you have other questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Nancy Schifferdecker at