Social Work

The Social Work exam is intended for students who are interested in studying social work. Social Work Education is grounded in the liberal arts, which provide the intellectual framework for the professional curriculum that prepares students for the practice of social work. Social Work is a helping profession that is committed to the well-being and human rights of every individual, group and community. Its goal is the enhancement or restoration of human social functioning and the creation of societal conditions favorable to this end. Particular attention is given to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed and live in poverty. Social workers gain knowledge and abilities in order to offer them to others in service and empowerment.

Students who participate in this competition will have an interview as well as be expected to answer the following question:

Please discuss how you define social work, your motivation and desire to be a social worker, and an issue that you would like to address in future social work practice.

The written response for this question is expected to be completed in person, on the day of the scholarship competition, and during the time allotted.

Time allowed: 50 minutes

If competitors have any questions prior to the competition, contact Cliff Rosenbohm at or Rebecca Yazzie at