Sociology - Global and Cultural Studies

Sociology is the study of human social life with a focus on understanding groups and social institutions. Majors develop their learning in areas of study that address culture, the family, gender, race and ethnicity, social justice and criminology (among others). Studying sociology enables students to critically engage the social world and use their skills and insights to work for Kingdom values in a wide variety of institutions. Sociological skills are useful in a broad range of work environments including non-profits, churches, businesses, government and law.

This scholarship competition will consist of writing one essay and an interview. We are living in an increasingly interconnected world with unprecedented and amazing opportunities to experience people from all over the planet. For the competition, you will write an essay examining a particularly important challenge (of your choice) of cultural difference and how you believe it is best overcome. You will have up to 45 minutes to write this essay. The interview with faculty will focus on your experience and interest in cross-cultural experiences. Applicants are strongly encouraged to prepare questions to ask the faculty about the sociology program.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Young-IL Kim at