Adult Degree Program

Elementary Education Degree

Elementary Education Degree

Ready to have your own elementary school classroom?

Become an elementary school teacher through George Fox University's flexible part-time bachelor's degree completion program.

Program graduates earn initial Oregon teaching licensure with authorization in early childhood and elementary education.

Designed for the Working Adult

Go to school with a schedule that works with your life. Attend class one evening per week and one Saturday per month with approximately 15 to 18 hours of homework each week.

With organization and planning, students can stay on top of their school work and continue to work while in the program, except while student-teaching.

Portrait of Marti Diaz-Domm

“I work full time, and I am a wife and mother. My life can be busy, but George Fox sees that and helps me pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. Before I enrolled, deep down I didn’t think becoming a teacher was possible, but I have gained enough education and confidence to believe that, not only will I become a teacher, I will be a great one!”

- Cassidy Morgan, Class of 2021

Become a teacher without neglecting your responsibilities.

Attend Virtually or In Person

Choose what works best for your location and learning style:


In the virtual format, classes are taught via Zoom so that students and professors can interact in real time from anywhere in the world. Students in the virtual format never need to come to a physical campus.

Students in the virtual format have the option to complete an accelerated program in 16 months* (program start in January) or standard  20 months (program start in August).

Whichever program length you choose, you'll complete the same number of core credits.

*To be eligible for the 16-month option, 12 credits of elementary education major course work must be completed before starting the program. For more information, contact program coordinator Lizzy Riese or check out our transfer credit guides.


If you prefer to attend class in person, our hybrid format offers the best of both worlds. Students attend classes in Portland or Redmond, Oregon but also engage with each other and their professors online.

The hybrid format has a program length of 20 months with a start date in August each year, and students complete the same number of credits as those in the virtual format.

Become a teacher in a program that fits your life.

Streamlined Student-Teaching

Getting experience in a real classroom is a critical component of becoming a teacher.

George Fox has streamlined this experience into one semester (15 weeks), which is much shorter than many of our competitors. This means that teacher candidates meet all licensing requirements with minimal impacts to their jobs and families.

Become a teacher of real kids in real classrooms and communities.

Cohort Model

Students are a part of a small, supportive cohort of no more than 20 people. Your major classes will be completed with the same group of students – colleagues who will motivate you and provide continual support.

Become a teacher through close community, teamwork and support.

Experienced Faculty

All undergraduate faculty are experienced PreK-12 teachers who have gone on to become leaders in teacher education. Our faculty continuously develop curriculum and instruction strategies in which classroom practices are modeled and reinforced, providing a continuously evolving program that is relevant now and in the future.

Become a teacher alongside those who live the teaching life.


Emerging classroom technologies can be used to facilitate powerful learning in the classroom. The undergraduate program not only infuses and models classroom technology, but offers competitive technology mini-grants to fund students who are inspired to explore innovative projects in technology during their student-teaching.

Become a teacher in the digital world.

Integrity and Values

We believe that becoming a teacher is about more than simply acquiring the skills and knowledge to teach. We view becoming a teacher as a journey of transformation, radically changing the mental and spiritual facets of ourselves.

The elementary education faculty and staff strive to walk beside each candidate in this transforming journey, providing support, pointing the way – and sometimes asking the hard questions that can catalyze critical moments of growth. Faculty and staff strive to guide candidates in Jesus’ spirit of gentleness and persistence.

My professors have gone out of their way to get to know me and each of my cohort members for the people we are. They have taken the time to talk to us, celebrate our successes in and out of the classroom, and support us.

- Kasey Sumearll, student teacher, Sage Elementary, Redmond (Oregon) School District


Lizzy Riese

Lizzy Riese

Program Coordinator

Elementary Education Degree Completion

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Call: 503-554-2883

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Elementary Education

Program length 16-20 months
Credit hours 60-72
Tuition cost for entire program $29,940-$35,928*
Cost per credit hour $499* (financial aid available)
Accreditation NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education)
Format Full-time; Virtual or hybrid (In person with online component)
Location Virtual, Portland or Redmond, Oregon

*All stated financial information is subject to change.