Directory of Emergency Contact Information

Critical Incident Response Team and Responsibilities

Name / Function Office Phone Role on the Critical Incident Response Team
Ed Gierok, Director of Campus Public Safety & Emergency Management x2090 (Incident Command) Incident Commander Coordinator/Convener; Annual Review of ERP; Review and Update Plan; Conduct Training; Provide Updated Plan and Modifications to Appropriate Personnel
Brad Lau, Vice President for Student Life x2312 General Staff
Operations Section Chief
Alternate Coordinator/Convener
Campus Public Safety Office x2090 General Staff Documentation
Mark Pothoff, Dean of Community Life/Res. Life/Housing x2313 Command Staff (Liaison Officer)
Review and Update Emergency Scenarios
Jeremiah Horton, Director of Plant Services x2013 General Staff Logistics Chief
Kim Knoernschild, Environmental/Safety Coordinater x2014 General Staff
Logistics Section Chief
Update and Monitor Mutual Aid Agreements (City of Newberg/Police/ Fire; American Red Cross, etc.); Ensure Adequate Supplies (flashlights, blankets, equipment, food, water, etc.)
Andy Baker, I.T. / Communications x2579 General Staff (Operations)
I.T. and Phone/Radio communications
Rob Felton, Director of Strategic Communication x2129 Incident Command Staff (Public Information Officer)
Develop communications plan; Primary media contact, Liaison to Executive Group
Bill Buhrow, Dean of Student Services/Director of Health and Counseling Center x2340 General Staff (Planning Section Chief)
Health & Counseling
Sharia Hayes Associate Dean of Student Life Operations x2322 General Staff (Logistics section, Facilities, Food, Ground support)
ASC representative x3002

Emergency Phone Numbers (Newberg Campus)

Name Phone Number
American Red Cross (disaster relief) 800-340-4081
Campus Public Safety x2090 (503-554-2090)
Electric Department (PGE) 800-542-8818
Emergency Disaster Response (Yamhill County) 503-434-7506
FBI 503-224-4181
Fire/police/medical Emergency 911 / 503-537-1230 (fire dept.)
Legal Counsel (Ed Reeves) 503-294-9260
Natural Gas Department 800-523-7661
Newberg Hospital 503-537-1555
Newberg Police 503-538-8321
Plumber on Call 503-459-6573 / 503-538-5916
Poison Control 1-800-452-7165
Rape or domestic violence 503-235-5333 (Ptld. Women's Crisis Line)
Reception Desk 0
Urgent Care 503-537-9600
Waste Water Department 503-537-1252
Water Department 503-537-1239
Yamhill County Crisis Line 503-434-4765

After Hours Phone Numbers

Name Phone Number
Ed Gierok, Director of Campus Public Safety  
Clyde Thomas, Director of Plant Services  
Dan Schutter, Assoc. Dir. Of Plant Services  
Electrician (Susan and Paul Corbett-Furgal)  
Tim Goodfellow, Chief Technology Officer  
Mark Pothoff, Dean of Community Life  
Newberg Hospital 503-537-1555
Newberg Police Department 503-538-8321
Plumber on Call  
Rob Felton, Director of Strategic Communication  
Urgent Care 503-537-9600

Press Contacts

Print Phone Fax
Oregonian 503-221-8188 503.227.5306
Newberg Graphic 503-538-2181  
AP Wire Service 503-228-2169  
Television Phone Fax
KATU-TV (Channel 2) 503-231-4260 503.231.4263
KOIN-TV (Channel 6) 503-464-0797 503.464.0806
KGW-TV (Channel 8) 503-226-5111 503.226.5059
KPTV (Channel 12) 503-230-1200 503.736.1290
Radio   Phone Fax
KLYC 503-472-1260 503.472.3243
KXL 503-243-7595 503.417.7659
KPAM 503-223-4321 503.294.0074
KEX 503-225-1190 503.802.1639
KOPB 503-224-9900