Newberg Campus Emergency Response Plan

George Fox University is dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment for students, faculty and staff who reside, work and study on campus. Unexpected emergencies, including natural hazards like winter weather, wind storms, and earthquakes, as well as human threats like active shooter situations and power outages, can occur suddenly.

This website serves as a resource for students, faculty and staff to access information about the institution’s emergency plans and preparedness measures. Here, you will discover resources that can be utilized by individuals or departments/programs to prepare for potential emergencies.

The emergency response team collaborates closely with campus partners and local authorities to develop and implement effective emergency response strategies. By staying informed and taking proactive steps, we can all contribute to creating a safer and more resilient community.

Emergency Response Plan

George Fox understands the vital importance of comprehensive emergency planning to safeguard the well-being of its community. It recognizes the necessity of planning for all phases of emergency incidents – from preparedness and mitigation to response, continuity, and recovery – to minimize the impact of emergencies and ensure a swift and effective response.

Each stage of emergency management requires a customized planning approach to consider all potential scenarios and establish the required resources and protocols. Successful emergency response relies on thorough preparation, effective mitigation efforts, viable continuity plans, and comprehensive recovery strategies.

By taking a proactive approach to emergency planning, George Fox can mitigate risks and enhance the safety and security of its community. The university is committed to collaborating with local emergency responders and community partners to develop and maintain effective emergency management plans that address the unique needs and challenges of the campus community.

In the event of an emergency affecting George Fox, the following Emergency Response Plan will be implemented.

Reporting an Emergency

To report an emergency, campus community members should call 911. If 911 is called, Campus Public Safety (503-554-2090) must be called, as the 911 call does not get reported to Campus Public Safety.

Phones: If you cannot access an office phone, several phones are located around campus. There are phones located in the lobbies of the residence halls.

“Blue Light” Emergency Telephone Locations

Newlin Lot
(northeast entry across from Morse Field)
Pavillion/Fire Pit in Canyon
Le Shana Lot
(northwest lower area)
Duke/Bauman Lot
(ADA spots near Duke)
Canyon Commons
(north entry)
MLRC 24-hour area
(Phone direct call to CPS)

Emergency Contacts

On-Campus Emergency Contact Information

Contact Phone Number
Campus Public Safety 503-554-2090
General Information 503-538-8383
Health and Counseling Center 503-554-2340
Plant Services 503-554-2010

Off-Campus Non-Emergency Numbers

Contact Phone Number
Newberg Dundee Police 503-537-8321
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue 503-649-8577
Providence Hospital 503-537-1555