Key Information Regarding Crisis Situations on the Newberg Campus

The George Fox University emergency response plan (laid out in the pages that follow) outlines first steps in the event of an emergency. The latter part of this plan lays out the appropriate response for specific scenarios that might occur.

  1. Primary Location

    In the event of a crisis or emergency, the primary location for Newberg campus information dissemination to the University community would be Bauman Auditorium and the secondary location would be Wheeler Gymnasium.

  2. Response Locations

    The Crisis Management Team will set up operations in Stevens 307 as the primary location (Plant Services building as secondary location) and will make decisions regarding initial and secondary responses to the crisis (pulling in other appropriate individuals as well). The Plant Services building is the central storing house for supplies that might be needed in a crisis (flashlights, blankets, gloves, emergency generators, radios, etc.). If a crisis event makes Newberg-based operations impossible, the Operation Center will be moved to the Portland Center.

  3. Media Contact

    Any Press Conference or media contact will occur in STV 109 (Edward F. Stevens Center) with the Bauman Auditorium Greenroom as a secondary location.

  4. Relationship with Public Safety Departments

    George Fox University values our excellent relationship with local police and fire departments. They are asked to review this plan periodically so that the University can incorporate their feedback accordingly.

  5. Counseling and Medical Help

    The Health and Counseling Center will provide counseling and/or medical help at appropriate locations if needed. In addition, Campus Public Safety personnel as well as Plant Services staff are first aid/CPR certified. Faculty members in the psychology and counseling departments will also be utilized in a crisis situation.

  6. University Spokesperson

    Members of the George Fox community should refer media inquiries to the director of public information at 503-554-2129. The president or an appointed representative will serve as the University spokesperson.

  7. Emergency Notifications

    In the case of school closure or emergency, information will be posted online at Updates will also be made available via the university Newsline at 503-554-EVNT (3868). More information regarding mass notification and communication is available in the text of this plan.

  8. Backup Website

    If the George Fox University website goes down in an emergency, the remotely hosted website where information will be posted is

  9. Reporting Incidents

    In the event of any emergency situation on campus, members of the campus community should first call 911. A second call should be made to Campus Public Safety at ext. 2090 (503-554-2090) to report an incident. Always report suspicious activities or persons to Campus Public Safety (503-554-2090 or ext. 2090).