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‘Wall Street Journal’ Ranks George Fox #1 Private College in Oregon

The university added another honor to its growing list of third-party accolades, earning the distinction of being ranked Oregon’s No. 1 private college in The Wall Street Journal’s 2024 college rankings.

The designation came after the publication changed its form of methodology. Previously, it rewarded schools based on wealth and reputation. For its 2024 list, the newspaper added weight to student outcomes – including graduation rates and graduates’ salaries – and put a greater emphasis on the contribution each college makes to the success of its graduates.

Colleges were assessed in three primary areas: student outcomes, survey results and diversity. The student outcomes portion carried the most significant weight, accounting for 70% of the overall ranking, with the remaining 30% determined by survey results and diversity.

Diversity assessed the extent to which colleges offer exposure to individuals from diverse backgrounds. This component examined the inclusivity and diversity of each college’s student body.

Survey results reflected the perspectives of students and recent alumni regarding various aspects of their college experience. They included feedback on learning opportunities, career preparation, available learning facilities, and the likelihood of recommending their school to others.

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