Transfer Students

Application for Admission Fall 2019

Opens December 17, 2018 and Closes April 24, 2019

The George Fox School of Nursing will be utilizing NursingCAS for application submission. Click to create an account and fill out an application.

Before submitting an application to NursingCAS transfer students must have been granted admission to George Fox University. All transfer courses must be completed by Winter term prior to application submission. Running Start students please contact the Nursing office for specific instructions regarding your transfer courses. 


The following criteria must be met for admission of Transfer students to the Bachelor of Science Nursing Program:

  • Obtain a 2.9 minimum cumulative grade point average in all prerequisite classes
    • MATH 180, CHEM 151, and A&P BIO 221 & 222, COMM 100, PSYC 150, LIBA 100
  • Obtain a 2.9 minimum cumulative grade point average in math and science classes including
    • MATH 180, CHEM 151, and A&P BIO 221 & 222
  • Minimum score of 75% on the HESIA2 entrance exam
  • Completion of one essay
  • Completion of two (2) references
  • One (1) page resume detailing all work and volunteer experiences
  • Demonstrate evidence of good citizenship and responsibility
  • It is strongly recommended that all science prerequisite courses be completed within the last five years , as much of the nursing course work is built on this foundation.

Please note: Admission to the nursing program for students who meet the above criteria is not guaranteed and depends on the competitive applicant pool from year to year.

Nursing Transfer Guide

Please refer to the Nursing Transfer guide when determining which classes will transfer. If you have courses that are not listed below please fill out the Nursing Prerequisite Evaluation Request form. 

Click Transfer Guide and Graduation Plan to download a complete copy including the Graduation Plan.