Annual Assessment Checklist

Each unit at Fox should do the following in TracDat on an annual basis.

1) Review Mission

Program > Mission

Ensure your Mission remains meaningful, accurate and motivating.  Everything your program does should flow from it.


2) Enter Annual Update

Plan & Results > Annual Update

Enter a paragraph or two summarizing major factors impacting student learning or program effectiveness in the past year.


3) Enter Results of Assessment Tools

Plan & Results > Results

Open each assessment tool and enter a concise summary of results.  To submit extensive data or description, upload a Related Document.


4) Analyze Results and Determine Actions

Plan & Results > Results

This is the single most important aspect of assessment.  Discuss assessment results with colleagues.  

  • What does the data tell you?  
  • What curricular, service or other internal changes will allow you to better meet Targets in the future?  
  • Should your assessment plan be modified (see #5)?  
Enter this info in TracDat. 


5) Adjust Outcomes and/or Assessment Tools

Plan & Results > Assessment Plan

Assessment plans are malleable. Common reasons for making changes include:

  • Easily meeting, or woefully missing, the assessment tool target year after year
  • Recognizing that a program outcome is missing from the assessment plan, or has become obsolete
  • Existing Assessment Tools are not adequate to fully meaure whether an Outcome is being met
  • Need to show how program outcomes map to the univeristy mission
  • You don't care about a result, or about the whole assessment plan; if this is the case, what do you care about, and how might you measure it?



Rob Bohall