Student Project Fund Information

bruin mascot

These are the following Projects that have been funded through the Student Project fund for the 2012-2013 Academic Year.

  • New Bruin Mascot: $6,159.70 Proposed from Lacey Carlson last year.

  • Outlets in the Bruin Den: up to $800.00- Original proposal by Rachel Miligan,  modified by Jessica Stanton. The additional outlets in the den were installed over Christmas break 2012.

  • Covered Bike Racks: up to $5,356.00. This is a project, proposed by Margaret Vogt and Ryan Rudnick, is set to be installed over the summer by Plant Services. The location will be over by Winters Apartments.

  • 2 New Punching Bags: up to $607.88. This project, proposed by Wesley Jones, is still in the process of being installed. Status update to come.

  • Additional AED’s: up to $2,428.00- Thanks to this years AAC staff and Christina Polowicz, one more AED has been installed in the Le’Shana Lobby.

  • 3 new Ping Pong Tables: $2453.49-  Justin Vanier submitted a proposal for three new ping pong tables on campus, Spring 2012. the locations for these new ping pong tables are Bruin Ground, Coffin, and HMS basement.