Funds and Resources

Total ASC Budget


$ 522,650.00

Community Life Fund

The Community Life Fund was created to enhance and encourage students to do fun things together! True community can often be formed through sharing experiences with one another, and this fund is meant to be an avenue to accomplish that within all areas of the student body. In the past, students have done beach trips, laser tag, paintball, pizza nights, floor events, and countless other adventurous activities! All students are welcome to apply, so come up with some great ideas and make it happen! 

*$10,000 of the total Community Life Fund is given to Residence Life to use for area and floor events for the purpose of community building at George Fox University.

Social Responsibility Fund

The Social Responsibility Fund was created to give students the opportunity to fundraise for causes they are passionate about in the world. Over the years, students came to ASC with money requests in hopes that ASC could help give money alongside their fundraising for those in need. Whether it be for natural disaster relief or donating to a cause/organization that helps break social injustice, ASC created a fund for to engage with the causes that are relevant to George Fox students today. Although we recognize that money is not the sole solution, it is a needed resource. As a Christ-centered university, we believe it is our responsibility to care for those in need and to love His people; this fund is meant to be an avenue to accomplish these goals.

The Student Project Fund

The Student Project Fund provides an opportunity for students to create a positive impact on the George Fox University campus. These student-led projects should be permanent and sustainable initiatives. Each year the Student Project Fund is roughly 8% of ASC's total budget, making the 2017-18 Student Project Fund amount to $40,000. ASC believes this money can be spent to create and maintain a positive impact on campus for years to come. Whether you only have the beginnings to an idea or a full plan and design we want to hear your thoughts on how to improve the campus.

NOTICE:  Unfortunately, this year, the student project fund is going towards the new Student Athletic Center and we do not have the funds available for students to use on anything else. But be sure to share your ideas for next year!!