Dance Director

VP of Events and Activities Committee


he Dance Director will be part of the Activities Committee chaired by the VP of Activities. This person is responsible for all of the all-campus Dances. This includes the scheduling planning, advertising, ticket sales, execution of each dance and abiding by the Dance Policy.  This person will chair a committee of 1 to assist in the planning of events. Other responsibilities include attending weekly meetings with the Activities team, filling out reports of each event, abiding by the GFU community lifestyle standards, and attending the other events put on by the Activities team.


This person  must demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills as well as being organized and creative.  They should be able to motivate the committee member and able to communicate well.

GPA 2.50 minimum.


7-10 hours per week.  Additional time required on activity days.


  1. Meet with the VP of Activities individually bi-weekly.
  2. Plan and execute all general activities.
  3. Establish an assistant and meet weekly.
  4. Abide by all GFU community lifestyle standards as outlined in the Student Handbook.
  5.    Turn in report of each event, due the week following the event to the VP of Activities.
  6.    Turn in a year-end report to the VP of Activities.


  1. Attend weekly Activities Committee meetings.
  2. Attend Activities Committee retreats.
  3. Attend all ASC activities.

STIPEND:  Inquire at the ASC offices.