Crescent Editor in Chief

VP of Marketing & Communications Committee 


This individual is responsible for the publication of the campus newspaper, The Crescent. He or she will work with the Assistant Editor or co-editor to select Section Editors and reporters.  He or she also will determine feature stories, may write articles, and see that The Crescent complies with the paper’s editorial policy. This individual will also do the final pre-press check of the paper.


This individual should be a very strong writer. He or she should also possess impressive management, organizational, motivational, and editing skills. He or she should be able to work as part of a team, have the ability to express opinions in editorial writings, and be interested in writing, communications or journalism as a profession (preferred). This individual should have either some coursework in journalism/writing or newspaper experience at the collegiate level. The Crescent Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor (or co-editor) form a close working team. Journalism and computer layout experience— Adobe InDesign—are vital.

Applicants must be full-time students ( minimum of 12 credit hours ) in good academic standing with George Fox University for the duration of the time the position is held.


— Meet with the Assistant Editor (or co-editor) and Faculty Advisor as necessary

— Coordinate staff training and development with Assistant Editor (or co-editor) and Faculty Advisor

— Conduct staff meetings at least twice a month

— Maintain general communication with the staff

— Meet with prospective students who are interested in being involved with the campus newspaper

--- Hire and oversee leadership staff: section editors, writers, photographers, finance manager interns, etc.

— Be available to write articles

— Make final reviews and proofread the paper before it goes to press

--- Communicate with print shop for coordinating printing cycles and standards

— Make final publication of articles on the website

— Be responsible for integrating the Editorial Policy and the GFU Value Statement into the paper

— Uphold George Fox University’s Christ-like mission

— Work with the Business Manager to make purchasing decisions and maintain a balanced budget

— Meet with the VP of Marketing & Communications twice a month

— Attend all required meetings, staff training times, and optional events as schedule permits

— Abide by all GFU community lifestyle standards as outlined in the Student Handbook

Time Commitment:

— 12-15 hours per week on average (layout days may increase time)

— 3-5 scheduled office hours and meetings with the Assistant Editor (or co-editor) and Communications Committee


Inquire at the ASC offices for stipend information.