Fitness Club

Fitness Club!

Mission Statement
The George Fox Fitness Club will be dedicated to encouraging different aspects of health and physical exercise on campus. For those interested in improving their physical fitness, topics such as dieting, supplementation, and general exercise tips will be discussed in meetings occurring once every two weeks. Student will benefit from Fitness Club membership by being encouraged to improve their physique, strength, sports performance, and/or overall health.

About Us
George Fox Fitness Club was approved during Fall semester of 2015. This club was designed to give those who are interested in exercise and physical fitness a place to learn and share ideas with other like-minded individuals. It is open to all students; both those who are very experienced in physical training and those who have no experience and want to get some tips on where to begin. If you walk into the gym and know which muscle every machine works, this club is for you. If you walk into the gym and have no clue what any of the machines do, this club is for you. If you have any questions please check out our Facebook (GFU Fitness Club), which is where all upcoming events will be announced as well as times and locations for club meetings, or message one of the officers!

President: Mikal Pattee