Ski Club

Ski Club!

Mission Statement:
"Ski Club is an organization that strives to engage people in experiencing the true joys of being in the great outdoors, on the mountain, and gaining a greater sense of worth and freedom in learning the art of shredding snow."

About Us:
One of the most adventurous and unique clubs at Fox, we shred the pow, hit the slopes, and keep it real all season long. You can't get that with any other club on campus. We keep the stoke flowing and chill vibes coming all year long whether, tearing up the mountain during the season or just kickin it with the crew around a campfire waiting for snow.

Monthly on Thursday8pm in LeShana lobby area.  During the first week of the month.  We often discuss things and plan events when driving to the mountain or hanging out, so only meeting once a month is enough for us. (open to all members)

President:Josiah Esper