Order Stationery

To order any stationery product (letterhead, envelopes. etc.), complete the stationery order form. Keep a copy for your records.

Please purchase general university stationery items through mail services.

Institution-wide stationery orders are taken in August. The collective order helps keep costs low; the higher the volume, the lower the cost. Consequently, it is most economical to overestimate needs and store a small surplus.

Departments are responsible for monitoring inventory of their own stationery supplies. A spring stationery order may be taken for departments with unforeseen needs.


All university letterhead was designed to be used with specific margins for the best visual presentation and for consistency. Please use the following recommendations when possible, and call the marketing communications office if you need assistance.

Letterhead margins

Top     2" (1.5" if needed)
Left    1"   
Right   1"
Bottom  1"

This information is offered as a guide and may not work in every situation. When your document requires a different format, please make the first priority aligning text by the left margin guideline, followed by the top margin guideline.


See the University Fonts page for more information on fonts.

For more information, contact marketing@georgefox.edu.