Assistive Technologies

There are many assistive technologies available to all students, most of them free and easy to use!

Text-to-Speech (hearing words read aloud from electronic device)

Speech-to-Text or Speech Recognition (speaking words and having them typed into a document)

Using Electronic Devices to Read Print Materials

Additional Assistive Technologies

  • BeeLine Reader: a Chrome extension that adds a color gradient to text to pull the eyes across a line, increasing reading speed and reducing line repeating and line skipping (tutorial)
  • Evernote: allows access to notes and documents anywhere. Search and organize electronic documents or upload handwritten notes. 
  • GeoGebra: provides comprehensive platform for interacting with advanced scientific and mathematical material
  • LiveScribe Pens : uses special paper to record audio that aligns with written text. Useful for people who want to record lectures while taking notes. These are available for loan through the Disability Services Office. (tutorial)
  • MathType: allows creation of equations and formulas on-screen via a set of buttons and toolbars.
  • MyScript MathPad: an application for iOS devices that enables writing of mathematical expressions and equations by finger drawing on the screen

Mac Operating Systems

Disability and Accessibility Services
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