Relocation Form

Please fill out one form per person. Submit all forms per move at the same time. All moves must be done before 2:30 P.M. Be sure to use the correct room numbers on this form. If you have any question about what room number you are currently in, or to which room number you are requesting to be moved, please check the building maps on our website, located here. You must be logged in to your George Fox Google account to access these maps.

Campus policy

The furniture coordinator in Finance, Matt Hammar, must approve all furniture moves and requests. As a general rule, furniture stays with the building. Each building has a specific "look" which includes the styles and patterns in the furniture.

Standard items for a private office include:

  • desk
  • bookcase
  • chair
  • file cabinet (if needed)
  • 2 side chairs (if space allows)
  • white board (if space allows)
  • small table (if space allows)

Note: Any deviation from the standard list must be approved by the furniture coordinator.

You are expected to pack all of your personal belongings. To ensure that they get to the right destination, please label the belongings of each office differently. This can be done with colored dots or colored sheets of paper.

Desks and filing cabinets do not necessarily need to be emptied for the move depending on the distance traveled and whether they are protected from the weather.

Furniture policy

Please click this link for the university's furniture policy.