Policy for Renting and Driving Rental Company Vehicles on University Business

It is the responsibility of any employee renting and/or driving a rental company vehicle on university business to ensure that they are on the approved drivers list maintained by Plant Services.

Employees not on this list should not rent or drive a rental company vehicle for university business. Being an “approved driver” means that the individual has an acceptable motor vehicle driving record (as defined elsewhere in this policy), has successfully completed the training course provided through Plant Services, has provided information regarding his or her current driver license, and has verified that he or she has current personal automobile insurance with sufficient limits.

Driver Approval Process

The university vehicle driver certification process takes five business days for insurance authorization. Plan ahead so that you can be insured in time for your deadline.

Follow the instructions below to become an approved driver of a university van or vehicle, or an approved driver using a personal vehicle for a university event.

  1. Read the policy
  2. Log into Canvas to watch the "University Vehicle Driver Safety Information Video" and/or the "Personal Vehicle Driver Safety Video," and then complete the accompanying quiz.