Special Student - Adults 62 Program

Program Details

Any person 62 years of age or older may be eligible to enroll in traditional undergraduate courses at the discretion of the university.


  • Undergraduate Courses:
    • Fall & Spring Terms: $50/credit
    • May Term and Summer Online Sessions: Regular traditional undergraduate per credit tuition applies, which is 50 percent of full traditional undergraduate tuition in fall and spring. See the Student Accounts page for the specific per/credit prices.
  • Students must pay all applicable special course and lab fees.
  • Additional fees may apply for students registered for 5 or more credits. See the Student Accounts page for more information.
  • All registered students must complete Vehicle Registration through MyGFU, even if a vehicle will not be used on campus. For students who will be parking on campus, a $60 parking permit will be issued. Please contact Campus Public Safety for more information.

What do I need to know?

  1. Adults 62 Special Students are not eligible to participate in institutional financial aid programs.
  2. Adults 62 Special Students are limited to 12 credits per fall or spring semester.
  3. Adults 62 Special Students are limited to one class in May term in the summer semester.
  4. Adults 62 Special Students are limited to three classes in the Summer Online sessions during summer semester.
  5. A special student registration form must be completed each semester you intend to enroll. This form is due in the registrar's office before or during the first week of the add/drop period. List the class you would like to take, including the course section (example: ECON 201 C Principles of Microeconomics).
  6. Enrollment is allowed on a space-available basis only. Any course prerequisites must be met in order to be registered for the requested class. Your registration will be processed on the first day of the semester.
  7. Courses in the following programs do not allow special student registration: Undergraduate Art and Design (ARTS, ARTD, INTD), and programs requiring admission to the major. 
  8. All courses require professor and department chair permission to enroll. The registrar's office will contact the department for you once your application has been received.
  9. Regular admission is required to enter a degree/certificate program. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information. Special student enrollment does not guarantee subsequent admission to any degree/certificate program. At the point of admission to a degree program, students will be required to pay the regular tuition rate.
  10. A maximum of 12 hours taken as a special student through the Adults 62 Special Student Program may transfer to a degree program.
  11. Employees of the university should refer to the Human Resources webpage for information on tuition remission requirements, deadlines and applications.

Application Procedure

  1. Search the Class Schedule to find a listing of available courses.
  2. Browse the Catalog for course descriptions.
  3. Complete the online application.
  4. Submit the application to the registrar's office.
  5. All courses require department permission to be registered. The registrar's office will contact the department for you once your application has been received.
  6. On the first day of class, the student should contact the registrar's office to determine if space is available for the course. If the space is available, the student will be admitted to the class and charged course and lab fees if applicable.


If you have questions, please contact the registrar's office at 503-554-2218 or by email at registrar@georgefox.edu.