Miscellaneous & Other Common Fees

Traditional Undergraduate Students

Departmental Fees

Several classes require an extra fee to cover special facilities, equipment, transportation, etc.
See our complete list of course fees.
$5 - $3000

Parking Fees/Fines

Parking violations on Newberg campus (each) $15 - $200

* Student vehicles in use at the Newberg campus must register with the Security Office.

Registration/Records Fees

Registration Change Fee, per registration transaction after the start of the semester. There is generally no refund of tuition after the last day to change registration (add/drop period). $25
Examination Fee, for credit by examination, challenge, or exemption from specific requirement per course $60
Official Transcripts, (student account must be current) see registrar transcript webpage Varies
Rushed Transcript Fee (in addition to the transcript fee) $10

Payment Related Fees

Late Payment Fee: Accounts that are past due are subject to a per-month late payment fee on the unpaid balance, including prior service charges.  Should placement with an outside collection agency become necessary, the student will be responsible for all collection/attorney fees assessed to collect the outstanding debt. 1% per month, 12% Annually (APR)
Insufficient Funds Fee, per check or failed automatic debit $25

The board of trustees reserves the right to adjust charges at any time, after giving due notice. No changes will be made during a semester, nor, unless special circumstances make such action necessary, will changes be made during a given academic year.