2022‑23 Tuition & Other Costs for Undergraduates

Tuition at George Fox University is $38,860 for full-time undergraduate students. With room, board and other fees combined, the total cost of attendance is $52,590 without financial aid. The average annual financial aid package for traditional incoming freshman students is $33,480. See below for a detailed breakdown of all costs and fees.

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Average Annual Financial Aid Package


for traditional incoming freshman students

Application and Enrollment Fees

Application Fee Free
Enrollment Deposit $300

Summary of Undergraduate Tuition and Costs, Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

  Semester Full Year
Tuition (12 to 18 hours) $19,430 $38,860
Room and Board $6,525 $13,050
Standard Fees $340 $680
Total Tuition and Costs $26,295 $52,590

These costs do not include travel, books and personal expenses, which will vary widely among students. Cost of books can be expected to average about $475 per semester, depending on courses taken.

There is no difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition for any academic program at George Fox University.

Detail of Undergraduate Tuition and Fees


1 to 11½ credit hours per semester, per hour $1,180
12 to 18 credit hours, per semester $19,430
Additional, per hour, over 18 credit hours $1,180
Audit, per credit hour $1,180

ESL/ELI Students (18 credit maximum & other restrictions apply), per semester

$19,430 less scholarship*
Summer term: in-person, hybrid, individualized/independent study; per hour $590
Summer term: field experience and internship, per hour $295
Summer term: all other courses, per hour $499

*International students may qualify for scholarships to reduce this rate, please refer to scholarship page for more information.

Comprehensive Undergraduate Student Fee

Students registered for 5 hours or more, per semester $340

This fee covers the cost of university and Student Activities-sponsored events, access to the Hadlock Student Center, access to Health and Counseling Services, campus safety services and programs, class dues, and subscriptions to Associated Student Community publications.


Residence hall, Standard Double - per semester $3,700
Residence hall, Single - per semester $4,725
Premium Apartment - per semester $4,010

Currently, there is no housing available for married students. If you have questions, please contact University Housing.

Board (Meal Plan)

All students living on campus must choose a meal plan appropriate to their academic standing as indicated below.

Students approved to commute may choose any of the plans below or may elect full exemption. For more information, please visit the Student Life meal plan page.

Bruin Deluxe, per semester
All students may participate. Required for students with less than 60 credits.
Bruin Select, per semester
Available to students who have 60 credits or more.
Bruin Savings, per semester
Available to students who have 60 credits or more.
Bruin Limited, per semester
Available to commuter students.

Health Insurance

Full-time students (12 or more hours) without waiver and proof of insurance, per year (estimated) $3,300

More information can be found on the Health & Counseling page on health insurance.

Graduation Fee

Graduation Fee (typically covered by the enrollment deposit) $105

More Information

2022-23 Additional Course Fees

Billing & Payment Policies

The board of trustees reserves the right to adjust charges at any time, after giving due notice. No changes will be made during a semester, nor, unless special circumstances make such action necessary, will changes be made during a given academic year.