Billing & Payment Policies

Bridging the gap between the cost to attend George Fox and the grants and scholarships you receive is your responsibility as a student, and your account balance must be current before you can proceed with studies.

This is where we can help! We offer numerous tools and options based on your program of study. Please see below to find options available to assist in covering the gap.

Financial Responsibility

The Annual Financial Agreement is required for every student in order to register each academic year. It outlines the student's financial obligations of enrollment, in addition to updating student contact information. The form is completed in the student's MyGeorgeFox task tile.

By completing the annual financial agreement process, you accept financial responsibility for all costs associated with your enrollment, including late-payment penalties as detailed below. If unpaid balances must be submitted to a collection agency, you are responsible for all costs incurred, including attorney and collection fees.

Those receiving financial aid must complete all necessary arrangements well in advance of enrollment. A student who is securing a loan that still may be pending at the start of the semester must have a letter of commitment from the lending financial institution or agency acceptable to the university. Account balances due to pending aid will be subject to late payment penalties, so the application process should be started early.

You’re required to keep your contact information updated online via MyGeorgeFox to ensure communications regarding your student account are received. Failure to do so does not absolve you of your financial responsibilities.

Individual Billing & Payment Policies

For information regarding loans (Stafford, PLUS, private, etc), please visit the financial aid page for your program:


Payment is made each semester/session through personal payments, financial aid, or a combination of both. Due dates are dependent upon your program:

Traditional Undergraduates
Fall semester Payment is due Aug. 15.
Spring semester Payment is due one week prior to the start of the semester.
Payment is due one week prior to the start of courses


Eligible tuition charges for each semester will be split into four or five equal monthly installments (if enrolled in the plan prior to the start of the semester), and are due on the 15th of each month. All monthly payment plans are subject to approval and a per-semester set-up fee. You can request a monthly payment plan by completing the Payment Selection Form.

When requesting a payment plan after the first “installment” is due (July 15 for Fall semester 5 month plans, Aug. 15 for Fall semester 4 month plans, Dec. 15 for Spring semester, April 15 for graduate/ADP Summer semester), the first payment is due immediately. Participating in a payment plan does not change your obligations for payment. All payment policies and impacts apply, including late fees and holds (see "Penalties and Fees" below).

Every effort will be made to place you in an affordable plan. Generally, payment plans will not be approved, or may be cancelled, in the following circumstances:

  • The undergraduate “dependent” student, as defined by the FAFSA, does not have a George Fox University guarantor
  • The student or guarantor does not respond to communication efforts
  • The student does not demonstrate that they are able to pay the scheduled amounts
  • The student has previously struggled with making payments on time
  • More than 30 days have passed since the start of the semester, and the student is unable to pay the past payments up front
  • The student is a non-U.S. resident

When a plan is canceled, the balance on the account becomes immediately due and the set-up fee is reversed.

Please note: Plan participation may be delayed or otherwise impacted when course enrollment is not finalized more than 30 days prior to the semester start or if financial aid is unable to disburse 10 days prior to the semester's start date.

Make a Payment

To sign up to pay through a third party or employer by direct billing, please contact the student accounts office at for assistance. Note: If the party will be reimbursing you directly, you must select one of the other payment options. This option is reserved only for parties who will be paying the institution directly.

Visit our Veterans page for information concerning veterans benefits.

Please contact us for information concerning benefits through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

We accept electronic checks (ACH) and debit/credit cards online through MyGeorgeFox. No fee is charged for ACH payments. If using a debit or credit card, there is a 2.85% web processing fee(or a minimum fee of $3 for transactions between $20 and $106). We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also accept in-person payment by check, cashier's check/money order, and cash (limits apply). Payment instructions can be found on our Make a Payment page.

Payments post immediately to accounts but must still clear the bank to be considered tendered. For online check payments, this takes seven calendar days; physical checks take 14 calendar days.

George Fox utilizes electronic billing for student account balances. Monthly statements are sent to your George Fox email address. Up-to-date, 24-hour access to account information is available to you in MyGeorgeFox. You may assign online payment permissions to other parties by granting authorization online.

To request a physical bill, please contact our office.

In the event you do not follow through with the financial arrangements promised, you will be subject to the following penalties:

Impacts to Enrollment, Transcripts, and University Services

  • You may be dropped from courses and will be prevented from registering for new courses until your account is in good standing. This includes Juniors Abroad and summer field experience.
  • When an account is repeatedly delinquent, you may be required to pay or secure funding prior to registering.
  • The university will withhold transcript of records and diploma until all charges on the account have been paid, regardless of the due date for those charges.
  • You will be unable to move into university housing.
  • Payment plan cancellation

Late Fees and Collections

Late payment fees up to 1.5% (18% APR) calculated on the past-due balance will be assessed monthly. Delinquent accounts may be referred to a collection agency. If that is necessary, additional fees may be assessed in accordance with the payment agreement on file. Additionally, past due debts submitted to collections will be reported to one or more national credit bureaus.

Returned Payment Fee

A $25 fee is charged for all types of payments returned due to insufficient funds, closed accounts, etc. We reserve the right to restrict payment options for certain individuals.