My Account, Tasks, and Contact Info

View My Account

In order to view your account online, you need a login and password from Institutional Technology. If you do not have a login and/or password, please contact IT at 503-554-2569.

Click back to your student homepage and select "Financial Aid" to see details about your financial aid.

Delegated Access

Need to share information in your account? You can give another individual delegated access to view information in your MyGeorgeFox account, including financial information, payment history, and more.

View My Tasks and Holds

Your Tasks tile is found on your student homepage. Here you will see a list of any outstanding to-do items and holds. The video below will walk you through how to view any items you have and help you determine what steps you need to take.

Update Personal Info

Name Change

Social Security Number Update or Correction

The social security number (SSN) is necessary for tax and loan reporting even though students are assigned a George Fox student identification number. If your SSN needs to be submitted or corrected, please do one of the following:

It is important that the university has current contact information for all students who have an active account, outstanding balance or request university services.